Why Atomsix? - AtomSix Custom Fly Rods
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Why Atomsix?

Bespoke Service

99% of AtomSix rods are built following a consultation with the customer. Once a model has been decided upon I start with the handle size and shape.  After that I’m looking at cosmetics in general.

Value for money

AtomSix rods are definitely not cheap, however no rod in the world is built better than an AtomSix. Combine that with unsurpassed performance and the bespoke service mentioned above, that is where the value for money lies.


I have cast most of the top end rods on the market today and I can tell you that AtomSix rods are as good as anything available. I probably spend more time casting than fishing, both for fun and in competition and AtomSix blanks definitely hit the mark.

Build quality

Every blank I build on first gets tested by me for correct line weight and action and I build every rod as I would want it for myself. I’m always checking out the quality of the top end rods when I go into a shop and I can guarantee that my finish and component quality is unbeatable.

I use top grade reel seats, proven on quality and finish and only fitted using long cure epoxy. No brittle 5 minute cure glues just to save time. The exotic reel seat inserts I personally turn and finish to ensure a beautiful end result. Only ‘flor’ grade cork is used in my handles which again are made by me from scratch and my standard build uses the best guides I can find. I use single leg guides on most rods as they are lighter and they keep the action as it should be. In the heavier salt and spey rods I use double leg guides. Stripping guides are Fuji titanium with SIC inserts…the best!