Warranty - AtomSix Custom Fly Rods
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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Atomsix fly rods all have a ‘limited lifetime’ warranty against a fault arising from the manufacturing process. Most breakages during casting and playing fish are caused by damage from things like bead head flies hitting the blank or general mishandling that might have occurred long before the final failure of the material. In the unlikely event it is a manufacturing fault, Atomsix will replace the section at no cost. Manufacturing faults usually show up the first time the rod is cast or loaded by a fish.

If there is a fault with the rod arising from my work as the builder, I will rectify the fault at no charge to the original owner. Damage caused by accidental mishandling I will repair at cost. A few pounds for guide replacements and replacing a broken section of a rod will cost approx £40 or so depending on the model and which section is broken. Butt sections of course cost most.

If a model is no longer in production and there are no more spare sections in stock then a replacement rod can be purchased at a significantly discounted price.