About Us - AtomSix Custom Fly Rods
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About Us

My name is Stephen Parkes and I’m the owner, designer and rod builder at AtomSix Fly Rods.

I was first introduced to fly fishing whilst serving in the Royal Air Force as an aircraft technician, performing carbon fiber structural repairs on fighter planes (it’s amazing how much of that technology is now in fishing rods). In those days I always wanted one of the big name rods but couldn’t afford one. That’s when someone suggested that if I could make an aircraft panel from carbon fiber then surely I could make a fly fishing rod. That’s where my addiction of rod building began. 20 odd years on I’ve learned a lot about building fly rods and most recently, designing my own exclusive AtomSix blanks.

I’m a committee member of the BFCC (British Fly Casting Club) and also a member of the UK fly casting team. Competition distance casting is something I enjoy immensely and I’m now developing competition rods as well as fishing rods.

Every fly rod is hand crafted by me to my exacting standards. I refuse to accept anything but perfection in the rods I create for my customers. I work at my home in a well-equipped workshop, with professional equipment designed for rod-building. This arrangement allows me the flexibility to put in the extra hours required to finish a rod in time for a client’s fishing trip.

I have many satisfied customers, and achieving that satisfaction is why I do what I do. I work with you to ensure that the finished rod is just what you desired, is well suited to the fly fishing purpose you want it for and performs superbly in that situation.

It would be my privilege to build your new fly rod. I know you will be delighted with the rod and with my customer service.


Stephen Parkes
Rod designer and builder